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Origin: Chicago

Genre: Jazz & Broadway

Years Active: 2000

Official Websites:

Sydney Weisman, is a veteran TV, radio, and print journalist.


During her college days at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, she worked as a TV weather “girl,” and host of a children’s show on KOMU-TV, NBC in Columbia, Mo.

After graduating, Sydney joined WLS/ABC radio in Chicago, where she was part of an award winning news team.


She was the first woman to work in the WLS newsroom, the first woman to work at the ABC Chicago radio news bureau and the first woman to work the overnight police beat in the Chicago Police Department’s press-room.


After leaving radio, Ms. Weisman became a prominent freelance writer who opened her own PR firm where she worked on several statewide political and non-profit advocacy campaigns.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, she and her husband founded WHPR. Since then, Ms. Weisman has been a successful publicist who has earned the trust of the news media because every aspect of her work as a publicist is informed by her journalistic experience.

MUSIC [this album needs to be replaced]


Wix Records, Jake Coldham  |, 123-456-7890



Karen Blanche  |, 123-456-7890



The Bookerz, Daniel Ku  |, 123-456-7890



That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone  |, 123-456-7890

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